Synchronicity and Psi [para-ac08]

AIPR Advanced Certificate in Parapsychology—Unit Outline

Synchronicity and Psi [para-ac08]


  • synchronicity contrasted with psi concepts (i.e., ESP and PK)

Essay Topic

Discuss the concept of synchronicity in the context of other parapsychological concepts (i.e., ESP and PK).

NOTE: Essay must be no longer than 3000 words and formatted in APA-style. (APA stands for American Psychological Association. All the references given below are in APA-style. Please follow that style in your essays.)

For guidance on how to write an essay, see: Guide to Writing a Basic Essay

Required Reading

Mansfield, V., Rhine-Feather, S., & Hall, J. (1998). The Rhine-Jung letters: Distinguishing parapsychological from synchronistic events. Journal of Parapsychology, 62, 3-25.

Storm, L. (2008). Synchronicity, causality, and acausality [PDF]. In L. Storm (Ed.), Synchronicity: Multiple perspectives on meaningful coincidence (pp. 153-174). Pari, Italy: Pari Publishing.

Optional Reading

Palmer, J. (2004). Synchronicity and psi: How are they related? [PDF]. Proceedings of Presented Papers—Parapsychology Association Convention 2004 (pp. 173-184).

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