Seeking Help

Help Is Available

The AIPR has a history of providing community support in matters to do with alleged or actual experiences of a paranormal nature that may require relief of suffering, distress, or helplessness. The organisation has several members who can provide help and information in such areas as psychic phenomena, hauntings, poltergeists, or UFO experiences.

Who Seeks Help?

Some people have strange or disturbing psychic events as a consequence of prolonged meditation or energetic forms of yoga practice leading to spiritual emergence or emergencies.

Uninformed experimentation with séances or Ouija boards can lead to unwanted psychic disturbances. People who have had a close encounter with a UFO or what is experienced as communication with alien beings or extra-terrestrials (ETs) are usually deeply disturbed by their experience.



  1. Clinical parapsychology is rarely (if at all) practised in Australia.
  2. Most psychologists are professionally guided by the ideology of the western medical model of the mind/brain and its function.
  3. Any advice given to a contact in relation to an alleged paranormal incident will depend on the training and belief system of the professional and therefore such advice does not necessarily reflect the beliefs of the AIPR.
  4. If advice or an opinion is not appreciated or accepted in the professional context in which it is given, the inquirer should approach another professional on the list.
Clinical Help

In Western Australia (Perth), Joyce Bok; Tel: 0406 617 220 or Email:
Joyce is a Registered Psychologist & Clinical Hypnotherapist. She can assist those who are trying to make sense of their paranormal experiences and integrate them into their psychological paradigm.

In Australia: Psychologists and psychiatrists who are affiliated with AIPR can help you in strict confidence. For access to this service, please call Robb Tilley (02) 9816 4279

In the USA: Spiritual Emergence Network:

Non-Clinical Help

In NSW (Sydney), Robb Tilley; (02) 9816 4279. Robb has decades of experience “clearing” homes and people of psychic distress.

In Victoria (Melbourne), Dr. Vladimir Dubaj (Monash University); Email:
Vlad is interested in investigating haunting and poltergeist activity.

In South Australia (Adelaide), Colin Mitchell; 0409 615 924 or Email:
Colin is particularly interested in conducting investigations into poltergeist activity and hauntings.

In South Australia (Adelaide), Dr. Lance Storm (University of Adelaide); Email:
Lance is interested in the academic aspects of parapsychological issues.