Welcome to the Website of the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research (a.k.a. ‘Parapsychology Australia’)

The Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research, Incorporated (AIPR, Inc., a.k.a. Parapsychology Australia) was established in 1977 and is a non-profit community association. The AIPR is incorporated in New South Wales, and its membership is worldwide.

The aims of the organisation are:

  • To collect, assess and disseminate factual information about claims of psychic (paranormal) phenomena.
  • To support and encourage parapsychology (the scientific study of paranormal phenomena and paranormal belief). (If you have recently had psychic or spiritual experiences, you are invited to participate in Monika Goretzki’s study: Unusual Experiences. Or try Rosemary Breen’s study on paranormal events in everyday life: Paranormal Experiences.)
  • To provide support in matters to do with alleged or actual experiences of a paranormal nature that may require relief of suffering, distress, or helplessness (see seeking help).
  • To undertake or promote activities (e.g., fundraising, social events, etc.) in support of the above.
  • Psychic experiences (or claims of such) should be studied and treated in the same way as other human experiences.
  • The AIPR places psychic phenomena in the broader context of experience, health and illness.
  • The AIPR advocates the use of the scientific method.
Australian Journal of Parapsychology

The academic aims and philosophy of the AIPR are served through our peer-reviewed journal, the Australian Journal of Parapsychology which is published twice-yearly (June and December). The journal features research articles on parapsychology and book reviews.

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AIPR Newsletter

The AIPR publishes a newsletter, THE A.I.P.R. NEWS, which is available free of charge to journal subscribers. To find out more about the newsletter, go to the menu bar above and click on ‘THE AIPR NEWS’.

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AIPR Certificate Courses

The AIPR offers four courses in parapsychology: The AIPR Certificate in Parapsychology and the AIPR Advanced Certificate in Parapsychology. These two online courses give students an education in the field of parapsychology by providing a comprehensive understanding of paranormal phenomena. To find out more, click here: online courses.
AIPR Advanced Certificate in Experiential Parapsychology. This course is run for groups of students who like to experience psychic phenomena directly. The emphasis is on having fun; hands-on doing psychic things. There are no exams or written assignments. This course is run in Sydney, Australia. To find out more, click here: AIPR Experiential Course.
Poltergeist Disturbances and Hauntings. Almost everyone has a ‘ghost’ story involving paranormal phenomena. This course is run in Sydney, Australia. To find out more, click here: AIPR Poltergeist and Haunting.

Past Event - November 2022
Parapsychology Conference 2022

Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research & Salubrious Events presents

Parapsychology Australia Online November 2022

Saturday November 12th 2022

9.45am – 5.15pm AEST

via Zoom


Save the date!


Our Third Parapsychology Australia Online (PAO) conference boasts another fantastic smorgasbord of topics and speakers!


Introducing John Kruth, Joyce Bok & Vlad Dubaj, James Houran & Brian Laythe, Douglas C. Hodgson, and James Barker

10:00 – 11:00 AM (AEST) – The Power of Place: The Creation of Sacred Spaces (Dr. John G. Kruth, Executive Director of the Rhine Research Center, USA).

You walk into a room, and you immediately feel peaceful and calm. A new city seems like home even though you’ve never visited before. The building on the corner draws your attention, and you have a  strong need to go inside. Everyone has felt the power of place and recognized the unusual connection they feel to a location. Some of these locations hold this same attraction for many people, which can cause them to become sacred spaces. Does psi have a role in creating a sacred space? How have experimental projects in PK and Healing contributed to our knowledge of spaces that hold energies.

11:15 AM – 12:15 PM (AEST) – A Next-Gen Study of Ghostly Episodes (James Houran, Research Director at Integrated Knowledge Systems & Brian Laythe, Director of the Institute for the Study of Religious and Anomalous Experience, USA).

Learn the latest research and thinking on ghosts and haunted houses from “The Global Gang” — a unique cross-cultural team of researchers with diverse views on the paranormal. This team recently completed a five-year research program to understand who experiences ghostly episodes and why. Hear about their case for what they call “Haunted People Syndrome.”

12:30 – 1:30 PM (AEST) – Paranormal Investigating with a Psychologist & Neuroscientist (Joyce Bok & Dr. Vlad Dubaj, Australia).

Joyce BokThe intrigue of haunted houses has become very popular in these current times, thanks to the explosion of TV/Cable shows on this subject!   It is now a “thing,” a hobby and for some, even a career, this ‘Paranormal Investigating.”  Joyce Bok, Psychologist and Dr Vladimir Dubaj, Neuroscientist, conducted some paranormal investigations together.  They did get more than they expected!  Joyce and Vladimir will present to you, the basics of a ‘how to’ do a paranormal investigation scientifically and safely.  They will also share their experiences of three haunted places which they investigated in Victoria, Australia.

2:00 – 3:00 PM What We Can Learn from 500 Accounts of Near-Death Experiences (Douglas C. Hodgson, Lawyer, Researcher, Author, Australia).

Professor Hodgson will speak on the research which formed the basis of his latest book which examines hundreds of intriguing first-hand accounts of people who have undergone a near-death experience (NDE) and what was revealed to them while outside their physical bodies, including revelations into the afterlife, why we are here and the nature of the soul-consciousness.

3:15 – 4:15 PM The Australian Skeptics $100,000 Challenge (James Barker, Psychic Skeptic & Author, Australia).

From an early age James Barker has had dreams that came true. In 2007, he dreamt of a murder and saw the murderer’s surname. A few months later it came true. This was when James decided to enter the Australian Skeptics $100,000 Challenge. James thought of it as an opportunity to help further the study of the paranormal. He expected the Skeptics to be open minded scientists, eager to further the scientific study of the paranormal. Boy was he wrong. This presentation will discuss the background of trying to enter the Skeptic’s Challenge, the dreams that were submitted, and the end results.

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Joyce Bok



Public  $30

Supporters/Members Earlybird $20 (ends 11th October midnight). Contact Joyce Bok for promo code.

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Past Event - April 2022

Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research & Salubrious Events presented

Parapsychology Australia Online April 2022 

Saturday April 23rd 2022

10.00am – 3.30pm AEST 

via Zoom 


An exciting line-up of parapsychology subjects, which you do not want to miss!  Healing from different perspectives, whether it be through the eyes of the practitioner, experiencer, researcher and investigator.  There’s something for everyone who is interested in knowing more about recovery and energetic remedies.

Hands-on-healing experimental research; Psychic mediumship and paranormal investigations; Medical intuitive; NDEs – the not so nice side; Past life regressions – a Psychiatrist’s experience.

Speakers: Dr. William Bengston, Dr. John Webber & Carmel Bell

Turning the Unconventional into the Conventional: Some Experiments Capturing Healing Intention 

Dr. William Bengston

“My previous beliefs about healing have repeatedly been shattered by the data that comes out of the lab. And this is a wonderful thing!” 

In many in vivo and in vitro experiments over the course of 40 years, William Bengston has reliable data that demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt that “healing” can cure a variety of conditions, that dose is a factor, that healing proceeds non-linearly, that it is not fundamentally “energy” but “information.”  William’s current research includes the question of whether healing can be “captured” and “reproduced” without the healer. In other words, can we store and independently deliver healing in a practical and scalable fashion? Selected research on what approaches and materials can function to store healing intention will be presented, along with current work designed to test whether these approaches are more likely to function as “alternative” or “complimentary” therapies.

Bio: Bill Bengston is a professor of statistics and research methods at St. Joseph’s College in New York, and the President of the Society for Scientific Exploration, an international group of scientists who study anomalies. Dr. Bengston has been doing research into anomalous healing for over forty years and has numerous academic publications. His memoir, The Energy Cure, is published by Sounds True Publishers. He has also lectured widely in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Book:  The Energy Cure – available in Amazon and Sounds True

Website:  www.bengstonresearch.com

A Psychiatrist’s Discovery of Parapsychology and Past-Life Regression 

Dr. John Webber 

“My engagement with this knowledge led to a very new perspective on who we really are and opened up my way of thinking.” 

Dr. John Webber was cynical and dismissive of parapsychology, until he discovered that evidence supporting these phenomena was hard to ignore.  He was drawn to the accounts of psychic abilities, mediumship, near-death-experiences and in particular, reincarnation.  The expansion in his thinking came as a surprise to those who knew him best, as he had always been strong academically.  The benefits of past life regression inspired him to write his book, ‘The Red Chair.’  Dr. John Webber will talk about his journey into the world of parapsychology and share examples of his experiences in these areas.

Bio: Dr. John Webber is a psychiatrist who lives and practices in Melbourne, Australia. After graduating with a medical degree from the University of Melbourne he then completed his psychiatric training and is a fellow of the RANZCP. He has spent more than three decades in private practice with his work including mentoring and supervision of young psychiatrists.

Book:  The Red Chair – available on Amazon, Booktopia & Book Depository

Website:  www.drjohnwebber.com

 The Side Effects of Dying and Coming Back to Life 

Carmel Bell 

“I woke up out of my physical body immediately after my cardiac arrest, and realized I was dead.” 

Carmel Bell died and came back to life four times, also known as a Near-Death-Experience (NDE).  The fourth time was particularly long.  Her survival of these deaths was miraculous as she somehow recovered from severe physical damage with the help of Metatronic energy.  People are often fascinated by the NDEs but the negative side effects and difficulties of assimilating back to everyday life is often not talked about.  Carmel will talk about her experiences of NDEs and its side effects.

Bio: Carmel Bell is an experienced Medical Intuitive for over 30 years.  She was also the founder and president of the Australian Medical Intuitives Association (AMIA). She had her first NDE at the age of 4.  From then on, she saw energy around people and objects but was not aware that this was unusual. Carmel had first-hand experiences of suffering from burns, cardiac arrest, heart issues and other medical complications from which she had learnt to heal herself with Metatronic energy.

Book an appointment:  https://carmel-bell-medical-intuition.square.site/

Books:  ‘When all else fails:  Healing me, healing you.’ (2021)

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/people/Carmel-Bell-Medical-Intuitive-Conscious-Life-Creator/100063466364047/