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AIPR Aims and Policies
  • The Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research, Inc. (AIPR, Inc., or Parapsychology Australia) is a non-profit scientific and community society founded in 1977.
  • AIPR is registered with the ACNC as a ‘charitable institution’.
  • The AIPR advocates use of the scientific method, and promotes research and public education into parapsychological phenomena.
  • The AIPR holds that psychic experiences should be studied in the same way as other human experiences. Evidence should be evaluated accurately and compassionately.
  • The field of research and investigation is restricted to Australasia (Australia and nearby countries).
  • The AIPR wishes to place psychic phenomena into the broader context of experience, health and illness.
  • Professionals and non-professionals can join the AIPR. The membership list is confidential.
  • The AIPR does not hold any specific corporate or religious beliefs.
  • Contacts are located in most states.
  • Scientific advisors usually have tertiary qualifications (e.g., B.A., B.Sc., Masters, Ph.D., etc.), and/or hold or have held research or lecturing positions at tertiary institutions (e.g., universities).
  • Information that appears in our publications, and the opinions expressed by speakers at AIPR and Parapsychology Australia events, are not specifically endorsed by the AIPR.
  • The AIPR has donated over 300 books to the Willoughby and Chatswood Libraries in Sydney. These books can be borrowed by anyone in person or by interlibrary loan.
AIPR Committee Members
  • AIPR President: Dr. Vladimir Dubaj
  • AIPR Vice President: Ms. Joyce Bok
  • AIPR Treasurer: Dr. Lance Storm
  • AIPR Public Officer: Mr. Robb Tilley
  • Committee member: Mr. Ian Dencker
  • Committee member: Ms. Sandra Hilleard
  • Committee member: Dr. Terry Olesen
AIPR Supporters and Members Payment

Fees may be tax deductible on the basis that you either use the concepts in your job (e.g., therapists, writers, academics) or the concepts aid personal growth and improve job performance.

Subscription fee is $10 p.a., and can be started or cancelled at any time.  Entitlements include access to an online Forum/Discussion Board, some additional online resources, as well as discounts, and access to past issues of THE AIPR NEWS newsletter (published in March and September). To register and pay as an Online Supporter go to: AIPR Supporters Registration

Online payment is preferred  but payment can also be made by cheque, money order, or cash. Contact AIPR Public Officer, Robb Tilley, to make such payment: (02) 9816 4279

Psychological Services are exempt from GST. All GST is paid by AIPR, Inc., and is fully refunded, therefore effectively no GST is paid.

Psychology & Parapsychology
Lance Storm

Dr. Lance Storm: University of Adelaide

Email: lance.storm@adelaide.edu.au

Lance Storm earned a B.A. (Honours) in psychology (1998) and a Ph.D. in parapsychology (2002) at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. He has published in Psychological Bulletin, the Journal of Parapsychology, Journal of Scientific Exploration, the Jungian journal Quadrant, and elsewhere. He is a full member of the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research, Inc., of whose journal the Australian Journal of Parapsychology, he is chief editor. In 2012, he was awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award by the Parapsychological Association. He co-edited two books with Dr. Michael A. Thalbourne: Parapsychology in the Twenty-First Century (2005), and The Survival of Human Consciousness (2006), and he edited the book Synchronicity: Multiple Perspectives on Meaningful Coincidence (2008). He is the author of two books: The Enigma of Numbers (2008) and A Parapsychological Investigation of the Theory of Psychopraxia (2010); he co-authored the book Shamanism and Psi (2011) with Dr. Adam Rock; and co-edited the book In Search Of Psi (2014) with Dr. Adam Rock. As a Research Fellow, he conducts psychological and parapsychological research in the School of Psychology, University of Adelaide.

Neurophysiology & Parapsychology
Vladimir Dubaj

Dr. Vladimir Dubaj: Melbourne

Email: vdubaj@gmail.com

Phone: 0415 747 784

Vladimir Dubaj earned his B.Sc. (honours) in Neurophysiology at Monash University, Victoria, and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Instrumentation/Optics at Swinburne University. He is the current AIPR President. He has been involved with research in a range of areas, including the effects of mobile phone radiation on memory formation to modifying brain processes using magnetic fields with a technique called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). He was a postdoctoral fellow working in the field of neuroscience at Monash University. Vlad is also current President of the Australian Parapsychological Research Association (APRA) through which, he has a keen parallel interest in investigating ghosts and haunting phenomena as well as poltergeist activity.

Investigative Parapsychology

Robb Tilley: Sydney

Phone: (02) 9816 4279

Sydney businessman Mr. Robb Tilley has over 30 years experience investigating poltergeist activity and hauntings, and he conducts clearings. Robb’s clearing abilities have been studied and assessed scientifically and published in AIPR’s peer-reviewed journal the Australian Journal of Parapsychology (see Storm & Tilley, 2020). See also, YouTube video “Haunt and Poltergeist Clearing in Australian Residences”.

Investigative Parapsychology & Psychology
Joyce Bok

Ms. Joyce Bok: Perth

Email: soulpsychcounselling@gmail.com

Joyce Bok is an experienced Transpersonal Psychologist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a private practice in Bunbury and Perth, WA.  She also runs events with parapsychology and paranormal themes and has a YouTube channel featuring numerous speakers on these subjects; see Salubrious Events. She had also conducted a study on “The efficacy of hypnOBEs in producing veridical psi experiences” with Dr Alexander De Foe. She can lend a sympathetic ear for those experiencing paranormal experiences.

Reincarnation Research

Dr. Terry Christopher Olesen

Email: terryolesen@gmail.com

Currently Terry Olesen works as a writer/researcher at Reincarnation Research Limited, USA. His articles (mostly case studies) can be found at www.reincarnationresearch.com (San Francisco, USA); he is also a contributor researcher for the Australian Institute of Parapsychology Research (AIPR).

Remote Viewing & Anomalous Cognition
Sandra Hilleard

Ms. Sandra Hilleard: Perth

Contact: https://sandrahilleard.com/contact/

Sandra Hilleard is an experienced Remote Viewer and Remote Viewing trainer. She holds a Certificate in Coordinate and Extended Remote Viewing by David Morehouse PhD; Certificates in Security & Private Investigations; Forensic Facial Reconstruction; Diploma in Counselling and Cert. IV in Training & Assessment. She assists law enforcement agencies around the world with information upon request.

Events and Membership

The AIPR holds its Annual General Meeting in late-November of each year in Sydney. Re-visit this site on a regular basis for up-to-date information, or join the mailing list.

Mailing list membership is confidential.

Bequeathing to AIPR

Bequeathing? Give this some thought if you are reviewing your will. All you have to write is:

“I bequeath $. . . . . . to the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research Inc. (AIPR, Inc., P.O. Box 295, Gladesville, NSW 2111), for general purposes.”

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All inquiries in confidence to our public officer, Robb Tilley on (02) 9816 4279.

Donations to AIPR

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All inquiries in confidence to our public officer, Robb Tilley on (02) 9816 4279.