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Australian Journal of Parapsychology

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2010: Volume 10

The Australian Sheep-Goat Scale: Development and Empirical Findings (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE)

Shamanic-Like Journeying and Psi: II. Mental Boundaries, Phenomenology, and the Picture-Identification Task (ADAM J. ROCK & LANCE STORM)

Transliminality: A Fundamental Mechanism in Psychology and Parapsychology (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE)

Unusual Perceptual Experiences and ESP under Psychomanteum Stimulation: Imagery/Hallucination Proneness and Schizotypal Personality Measures (ALEJANDRO PARRA & JORGE VILLANUEVA)

Is the ‘Sense of Being Stared At’ an Artefact of Response Bias? (ADAM J. ROCK)


Spontaneous Cases Concerning Telephone Calls and Text Messages (CALLUM E. COOPER)

Transliminality: A Bibliography 1991-2010 (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE & LANCE STORM)

2009: Volume 9

Imagery Cultivation vs. Noise Reduction: Shamanic-Like Journeying as a Psi-Conducive Alternative to the Ganzfeld Protocol (LANCE STORM & ADAM J. ROCK)

Consciousness and Quantum-Mechanical Wavefunctions (RONALD BRYAN)

Psychics vs. Non-Psychics in “Face-to-Face” and “Remote” Token-Object Reading Conditions (ALEJANDRO PARRA & JUAN CARLOS ARGIBAY)

Quantum BioEnergetics, Mental Boundaries, and Affective Response: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Pilot Study (FIONA E. PERMEZEL & ADAM J. ROCK)

Things That Go Bump, By Day and by Night: An Expectancy Effect? (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE)

Investigations of the I Ching: II. Reliability and Validity Studies (LANCE STORM)

Dream Manifestations: A Paranormal Experience? (STEVEN A. TRANKLE)

Shamanic-Like Journeying and Psi: I. Imagery Cultivation, Paranormal Belief, and the Picture-Identification Task (LANCE STORM & ADAM J. ROCK)

Mental Boundaries, Staring Detection and Phenomenology: A Synthesised Ganzfeld and Remote Staring Study (LYNETTE J. FERRIS & ADAM J. ROCK)

2008: Volume 8

Psi and the Long Body (WILLIAM G. ROLL)

Telepathy as a Process Mediated by Quantum Teleportation Between Remote Neurons (RICHARD BLUMENTHAL)

Reading Faces: An Experimental Exploration of Psychometry Using Photographs and Names (ALEJANDRO PARRA & JUAN CARLOS ARGIBAY)

Looking into Higher Dimensions: Research with Joseph McMoneagle (RONALD BRYAN)

Investigations of the I Ching: I. Relationships between Psi and Time Perspective, Paranormal Belief and Meaningfulness (LANCE STORM)

Re-Examining Current Neuroscience Research Controversies (VERNON M. NEPPE)

Quantitative Analysis of Research Mediums’ Conscious Experiences during a Discarnate Reading versus a Control Task: A Pilot Study (ADAM J. ROCK & JULIE BEISCHEL)

Predicting the Ostensible Paranormal Experiences Canvassed in the Inventory of Childhood Memories and Imaginings (Form C) (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE)

2007: Volume 7

Science, Nonscience and Rejected Knowledge: The Case of Parapsychology (HARVEY J. IRWIN)

Does Your Animal Know You Are Going Out? A Survey in Portugal about Belief in Psychic Pets (S. N. RAZENTE, C. SILVA, & C. LOBO)

Psi, Divination and Astrology: A Brief Introduction (LANCE STORM)

Hopeful Findings, Unduly Neglected, on Stars and Human Affairs (SUITBERT ERTEL)

Comment on Ertel (2007): Hopeful Findings Unduly Neglected (GRAHAM DOUGLAS)

Planetary Effects and Psi, Related Through Geo- and Bio-Mechanisms? A Reply to Douglas (2007) (SUITBERT ERTEL)

Research Note: Interpreting Key Variables in Parapsychological Phenomenology by Single vs. Screening Questions (VERNON M. NEPPE)

Pro Attitude and Macro-PK: A Pilot Study Using Neuro-feedback and EMG Biofeedback (LANCE STORM & NICHOLAS R. BURNS)

Pueblo Parapsychology: Psi and the Longbody from the Southwest Indian Perspective (BRYAN J. WILLIAMS)

The Assumption of Grand Identity and Belief in Reincarnation (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE)

Casting Shadow and Light on the Peer Review Process: A Reply to Neppe’s (2007) “Interpreting Key Variables in Parapsychological Phenomenology by Single vs. Screening Questions” (CRAIG D. MURRAY & JEZZ FOX)

Reviewer’s Response to Neppe (2007) (JIM HOURAN)

Peer Review and Phenomenological Analyses in Research (VERNON M. NEPPE)

2006: Volume 6

A Discussion of the Evidence that Personal Consciousness Persists After Death with Special Reference to Poltergeist Phenomena (WILLIAM ROLL)

Human Levitation (SIMON HARVEY-WILSON)

Meta-Analysis in Parapsychology: I. The Ganzfeld Domain (LANCE STORM)

Quasi-Experimental Study of Transliminality, Vibrotactile Thresholds, and Performance Speed (JAMES HOURAN, LARRY F. HUGHES, MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE, & PETER S. DELIN)

Reincarnation Beliefs of the Gumini People of the Simbu Province of Papua New Guinea (JOAN D. JOHNSTONE)

From Dreams to (Virtual) Reality: Exploring Behavioural Embodiment in Out-Of-Body Experients (CRAIG D. MURRAY & JEZZ FOX)

Meta-Analysis in Parapsychology: II. Psi Domains other than Ganzfeld (LANCE STORM)

Belief in, and Alleged Experience of, the Paranormal in the Portuguese Population (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE, C. F. SILVA & S. N. RAZENTE)

ESP under the Ganzfeld, in Contrast with the Induction of Relaxation as a Psi-Conducive State (ALEJANDRO PARRA & JORGE VILLANUEVA)

Research Note: A Statistical Test of the ‘Library Angel’ (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE)

2005: Volume 5

Why Parapsychology is Amongst the Most Important of the Sciences (VERNON M. NEPPE)

Automatic Writing Revisited (SUSAN B. MARTINEZ)

A New Theory on Place Memory (PAMELA RAE HEATH)

Perceptual and Memory Capabilities of Witnesses to Anomalous Visual Phenomena (B.F. DEAR & A. L. JINKS)

The Marriage of Parapsychology and Normal Psychology (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE)

Chemical Induction of Precognitive Dreams (F. DE PABLOS)

Psi Test Feats Achieved Alone at Home: Do they Disappear under Lab Control? (SUITBERT ERTEL)

2004: Volume 4

People Who Remember Things They Never Learned (KEITH CHANDLER)

The Possible Role of Psychokinesis in Place Memory (PAMELA RAE HEATH)

Avoiding the Intervention Paradox (COLIN MITCHELL)

Mania and its Relationship to the Sheep-Goat Variable (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE

Are Musical Themes Better than Visual Images as ESP-Targets? An Experimental Study Using the Ganzfeld Technique (ALEJANDRO PARRA & JORGE VILLANUEVA)

2003: Volume 3

“Are you there, Spenser?” Attempts at ‘PK by Committee’ in a Séance-like Situation (LANCE STORM & COLIN MITCHELL)

Temporal Lobe Lability and Self-Reported Haunting Type Experiences: A Questionnaire Study with an Undergraduate Sample (DEVIN TERHUNE)

The Demise of the Survival Hypothesis or the Errors of Harvey Irwin? (MONTAGUE KEEN)

Response to Lance Storm’s Review of “PSI: What it is and how it works” (KEITH CHANDLER)

A Reply to Chandler (2003) (LANCE STORM) The Concept of Coincidence (PETER. S. DELIN)

Harvey J. Irwin’s Introduction to parapsychology (3rd edition): A Reinterpretation in Terms of the Theory of Psychopraxia (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE)

The John Edward Phenomenon “I Want To Believe” (SUE-ELLEN KJELDAL)

The I Ching and the Lotto Game: Trying to Beat the Odds Using an Ancient Chinese System of Divination (LANCE STORM)

Personality Factors and Psi-Ganzfeld Sessions: A Replication and Extension (ALEJANDRO PARRA & JORGE VILLANUEVA)

2002: Volume 2

Belief in, and Alleged Experience of, the Paranormal in Ostensible UFO Abductees (KEITH BASTERFIELD & MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE)

Is Scientific Investigation of Postmortem Survival an Anachronism? The Demise of the Survival Hypothesis (HARVEY IRWIN)

Scepticism and Credulity (PETER S. DELIN)

Examining Macro-Psychokinetic Experiments (M. WILLIAMS & R. LANG)

A Parapsychological Investigation of the I Ching: Seeking Psi in an Ancient Chinese System of Divination (LANCE STORM)

“Out-of-Body Experiences” (OBEs) and Brain Localisation. A Perspective (VERNON M. NEPPE)

Analysis of Haunt Experiences at a Historical Illinois Landmark (JAMES HOURAN)

2001: Volume 1

Parapsychology as a Career (HARVEY IRWIN)

Mrs. Piper Revisited (PHILIP COLE)

Paranormal Aspects of the UFO Phenomenon: 1975-1999 (KEITH BASTERFIELD)

Broken Relationships and Claims of Psychic Phenomena (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE)

Psychic Detection: The Use of Psi in Criminal Investigation (HARVEY J. IRWIN)

The Paranormal and its Place in Human Relationships: Some Hypotheses (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE)

Shamanism and Alien Abductions: A Comparative Study (SIMON HARVEY-WILSON)

Examining the Evidence for Psi in the Context of Scientific Revolution (HANNAH JENKINS)

A Layperson’s Guide to the Theory of Psychopraxia (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE)

Paranormal Effects Using Sighted and Vision-Impaired Participants in a Quasi-Ganzfeld Task (LANCE STORM & MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE)