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Australian Journal of Parapsychology

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2020: Volume 20

Spiritual Synchronicity and Place: II. Heidegger, Waiting and Žižek (MATTHEW GILDERSLEEVE & ANDREW CROWDEN)

Haunt and Poltergeist Clearing in Australian Residences: A Retrospective Survey (LANCE STORM & ROBB TILLEY)

Meaningful Coincidence in Fiction and Anecdote (LAURENCE BROWNE)

Morbid Curiosity, Popular Media, and Thanatourism (EMILY D. EDWARDS)

Reincarnation Research: I. An Old Idea Re-Examined with New Methods in the 21st Century (TERRY OLESEN)

Strolling with Swedenborg: A Rapid Review Critically Investigating the Contemporary Scholarly Evidence Base for Simultaneous Spiritual-Physical Experiences (DAMIAN MELLIFONT)

2019: Volume 19


Coincidences in Fiction and Literature (LAURENCE BROWNE)

In a False Paradise of Fools, the Dancin’ Jester Rules! A Grounded Theory Study Depicting Metaphysical Transformations as Informed by Scholarly Reported Spirit Accounts (DAMIAN MELLIFONT & KATHLEEN LYNCH)

Spiritual Synchronicity and Place: I. A Psychoanalytic Perspective (MATTHEW GILDERSLEEVE & ANDREW CROWDEN)


The Relationship between Paranormal Belief and Psychopathology with Special Focus on Magical Ideation, Psychosis, and Schizotypy (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE & LANCE STORM)

2018: Volume 18

Exploring Ostensible Poltergeist vs. Haunt Phenomena via a Reassessment of Spontaneous Data (JOHN DIXON, LANCE STORM, & JAMES HOURAN)

Perceptual-Personality Variables Associated With Entity Encounter Experiences (ALEJANDRO PARRA)

Research Note: Comments on Stokes (2017) “A Murder of White Crows” (PETER B. TODD)

Research Note: Demonstrating the Concurrent Validity of Two Coincidence Measures (LANCE STORM & MICHAEL. A. THALBOURNE)

“Meme-Spirited”: I. The VAPUS Model for Understanding the Prevalence and Potency of Ghost Narratives (SHARON A. HILL, CIARÁN O’KEEFFE, BRIAN LAYTHE, NEIL DAGNALL, KENNETH DRINKWATER, ANNALISA VENTOLA, & JAMES HOURAN)

Differences in Gambling Approaches between Informed Paranormal Believers and Quasi-Believers (KEN DRINKWATER, LANCE STORM,  & ANTHONY L. JINKS)

Research Note: What’s in a Name? The Best Descriptor for People Reporting Anomalous Experiences (JAMES HOURAN)

2017: Volume 17

An Assessment of the Worldview Theory of Belief in the Paranormal (HARVEY J. IRWIN)

Understanding the Unknown: A Thematic Analysis of Subjective Paranormal Experience (KENNETH DRINKWATER, NEIL DAGNALL, SARAH GROGAN, & VICTORIA RILEY)

White Crows Rising: Using Spontaneous Cases to Establish Psi (DOUGLAS M. STOKES)

Commentary on Stokes’s (2017) Quest for “White Crows” in Spontaneous Cases of Psi (JAMES HOURAN, STEVEN JAY LYNN, & RENSE LANGE)

Reply to Houran, Lynn, and Lange (DOUGLAS M. STOKES)

Phenomenology of Non-Dream Premonition Experience and its Relationship with Cognitive Style, Absorption, and Luckiness (ALEJANDRO PARRA)

Dual-Aspect Monism, Mind-Matter Complementarity, Self-Continuity and Evolutionary Panentheism (PETER B. TODD)

A Murder of White Crows: Additional Cases of Unequivocal Spontaneous Psi (DOUGLAS M. STOKES)

“Sheet Happens!” Advancing Ghost Studies in the Analytics Age (JAMES HOURAN)

2016: Volume 16

A Case of Ostensible Poltergeist  Phenomena Resulting in Lingering Haunt Phenomena (JOHN DIXON)

Believe It or Not: III. Further Analyses on Predictors of Paranormal Belief (HELEN BILLOWS & LANCE STORM)

Individual, Perceptual and Psychological Differences between Psi-Tested Self-Claimed Psychics and Non-Psychics (ALEJANDRO PARRA & JUAN CARLOS ARGIBAY)

Research Note: A Rasch Scaling Analysis of Thalbourne’s (2010) Basic Limiting Principles Questionnaire (RENSE LANGE)

Dispositional Scepticism, Attitudes to Science, and Belief in the Paranormal (HARVEY J. IRWIN, NEIL DAGNALL, & KENNETH DRINKWATER)

Conformity and Reactance in the I Ching using a Q-Sort/RNG-PK Method: A Pilot Study (LANCE STORM)

Lacan, Psi and the Trickster: A Psychoanalysis of Parapsychology (JACOB W. GLAZIER)

2015: Volume 15

Believe It or Not: A Confirmatory Study on Predictors of Paranormal Belief, and a Psi Test (HELEN BILLOWS & LANCE STORM)

Seeing Rare Things with the Mind’s Eye: Visual Imagery Vividness and Paranormal/Anomalous Experience (ALEJANDRO PARRA)

Some Difficulties in Coincidence Analysis (LAURENCE BROWNE)

Debunking an Alleged Feedback Artifact in Thalbourne’s RNG Studies (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE & LANCE STORM)

Thinking Style and the Formation of Paranormal Belief and Disbelief (HARVEY J. IRWIN)

Believe It or Not: II. An Exploratory Study on Possible Predictors of Paranormal Belief (HELEN BILLOWS & LANCE STORM)

On the Alleged Scientific Evidence for Survival After Bodily Death (VERNON M. NEPPE)

2014: Volume 14

Paranormal Beliefs, Spoken and Unspoken (HARVEY J. IRWIN)

An Investigation of the I Ching using the Q-Sort Method and an RNG-PK Design: I. Four Possible Psi Predictors (LANCE STORM & ADAM J. ROCK)

Are Believers in the Paranormal Inclined to Jump to Conclusions? (HARVEY J. IRWIN, KENNETH DRINKWATER, & NEIL DAGNALL)

Counselling the Discarnate and the Methodological Approach: Comment on Ferreira (2013) (CALLUM E. COOPER)

A Further Study of Psychopraxia Using the I Ching (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE & LANCE STORM)

The Major Problems Faced by Parapsychology Today: A Survey of Members of the Parapsychological Association (HARVEY J. IRWIN)

An Investigation of the I Ching using the Q-Sort Method and an RNG-PK Design: II. The Effect of Reactance on Psi (LANCE STORM & ADAM J. ROCK)

2013: Volume 13

Towards a Replicable Formula for Significant I Ching Outcomes (RENSE LANGE & JAMES HOURAN)

A Free-Response ESP Test in Two Hypnotic Susceptibility Groups: A Pilot Study (ALEJANDRO PARRA & JUAN CARLOS ARGIBAY)

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1. Psychological Phenomena in Dead People: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Murdered People and Its Consequences to Public Health (WASNEY DE ALMEIDA FERREIRA)

2. Can We Really Talk to Dead People? Comment on Ferreira (2013) (GEORGE VAN DOORN)

3. Experience and Interpretation: Comment on Ferreira (2013) (COLIN MITCHELL)

4. Observations of ‘Psychological Phenomena in Dead People’: Comment on Ferreira (2013) (VLADIMIR DUBAJ)

5. Descriptions of the Astral Plane: Comment on Ferreira (2013) (ANTHONY L. JINKS)

6. Review of ‘Psychological Phenomena in Dead People’: Comment on Ferreira (2013) (ALEXANDER DE FOE)

7. Challenging Evidence: Comment on Ferreira (2013) (HANNAH JENKINS)

8. Reply to Van Doorn (2013), Mitchell (2013), Dubai (2013), Jinks (2013), De Foe (2013), and Jenkins (2013) (WASNEY DE ALMEIDA FERREIRA)

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Paranormal Effects and Behavioural Characteristics of Participants in a Forced-Choice Psi Task: Ertel’s Ball Selection Test under Scrutiny (LANCE STORM, SUITBERT ERTEL, & ADAM J. ROCK)

The Survey of Scientifically Unaccepted Beliefs: A New Measure of Paranormal and Related Beliefs (HARVEY J. IRWIN & ANTHONY D. G. MARKS)

Anomalous Experiences as Transliminal Drama: The Case of Wasney De Almeida Ferreira (JAMES HOURAN)

A Phenomenological Examination of Premonition Experiences in Dreams and Waking States: A Survey Study (ALEJANDRO PARRA)

2012: Volume 12

Paranormal Belief and Biases in Reasoning Underlying the Formation of Delusions (HARVEY J. IRWIN, NEIL DAGNALL, & KENNETH DRINKWATER)

Perspectives in Modelling Precognition, Presentiment, and Human Agency (ALEXIS LUTHERBORROUGH)

I Ching Outcomes from Experimental Manipulations of Transliminality and Paranormal Belief (JAMES HOURAN & RENSE LANGE)

Auditory Hallucinations Predict Likelihood of Out-of-Body Experience (ALEXANDER DE FOE, GEORGE VAN DOORN, & MARK SYMMONS)

Has the Sheep-Goat Variable Had Its Day? Testing Transliminality as a Psi Predictor (MICHAEL A. THALBOURNE & LANCE STORM)

Paranormal Beliefs and Cognitive Processes Underlying the Formation of Delusions (HARVEY J. IRWIN, NEIL DAGNALL, & KENNETH DRINKWATER)

Paranormal and Alternative Health Beliefs as Quasi-Beliefs: Implications for Item Content in Paranormal Belief Questionnaires (ANTHONY L. JINKS)

Reflections on Paranormal Beliefs as Informed vs. Pseudo Beliefs: Comment on Jinks (2012) (JAMES HOURAN & RENSE LANGE)

Reply to Houran and Lange (2012) (TONY L. JINKS)

Research Note: Induced Out-of-Body Experiences are Associated with a Sensation of Leaving the Body (ALEXANDER DE FOE, GEORGE VAN DOORN, AND MARK SYMMONS)

Research Note: Does Personal Consciousness Persist After Death? Some Observations on Kirlian Photography, OBEs, and NDEs (WILLIAM ROLL)

2011: Volume 11

The Case of a Long-Distance Psychic: A Pilot Study on the Accuracy Testing of Paranormal Statements (LANCE STORM)

A Free-Response Clairvoyance Experiment with a Gifted Psychic (KAARE CLAUDEWITZ, FINN WILLADSEN, & ADAM RYCZKOWSKI)

Thinking Styles of Psychic Claimants (ALEJANDRO PARRA)

Social Psi and Parasociology (ERIC OUELLET)

Prescribing for Parapsychology: Note on J. B. Rhine’s Writings in the Journal of Parapsychology (CARLOS S. ALVARADO)

Extending von Lucadou’s Model of Pragmatic Information to UFOs: A Case Study of the 1952 Washington DC UFO Wave (ERIC OUELLET)

Incorporation of Future Events into Dream Content: An Experimental Study (FERNANDO DE PABLOS, ROSSANA LOPEZ SABATER, & LOLA MARTINEZ LIART)

Exploring the Psychic Brain: On Neuroscience and Psi Phenomena (BRYAN J. WILLIAMS)

Other Selves, Other Worlds: The Mediumistic Approach to MPD (SUSAN B. MARTINEZ)