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Support the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research. For only $10 AUD per year, you will have access to AIPR newsletters, discounts on AIPR events and access to our online Bulletin Board. The online bulletin board is a central communication hub for sharing current information between members, experiencers, researchers alike.

For Experiencers

As an experiencer of paranormal phenomena and Supporter of the AIPR you can use the Experiencers Bulletin Board:

  • Share your experiences with others who may have similar experiences
  • Ask questions about different types of paranormal experiences
  • Request for assistance from AIPR professionals regarding paranormal experiences

For Researchers

As a researcher and supporter of the AIPR you can:

  • Post requests for research participants
  • Post requests to locate books or research papers that are difficult to find in mainstream libraries
  • Post requests to collaborate with other researchers and/or expand your network
  • Post surveys or questionnaires directly to experiencers
  • Find or post information on research grants available in the field of Parapsychology

Supporters Bulletin Board Rules

The Supporters Bulletin Board discussions may not be used for advertising any product or service. As a not-for-profit community organisation, we do not allow advertising of commercial enterprises on our community platform.

The Supporters Bulletin Board is intended to support the community. Be polite, kind and considerate to your fellow supporters. Constructive criticism is welcomed, keep in mind that personal attacks, bullying, harassment and spamming will not be accepted.

Administrators are monitoring the Bulletin Board and have the right to delete content, that is deemed not suitable or inappropriate to the Bulletin Board, without warning.

Supporters who violate the Bulletin Board rules after a warning will have their online access to the platform revoked.

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