Experiential Parapsychology

Course Outline

This course is run for groups of students who would like to experience psychic phenomena directly. The emphasis is on experiential fun, hands on doing psychic things. There are no exams or written assignments. Each activity will be repeated each week until all members of the group are quite satisfied as to the reality of psychic phenomena before moving on to the next experiment. A certificate in experiential parapsychology will be awarded to everyone who completes the course. A recommended reading list is supplied. AIPR, Inc., accepts no responsibility for learning or experiential outcomes.

Psychic Development

The onset of Psychic functioning occurs in three slightly differing ways. It can be caused intentionally by experimentation as in this course and deliberately seeking out non-ordinary (or altered) states of consciousness or expanded awareness.

A second non-intentional cause of psychic development is as a by-product of some other type of training, particularly yoga and meditation. Martial Arts, Athletics, writing or acting also involve strong mental attention resulting in psychic (‘psi’) functioning.

Thirdly individuals report spontaneous and completely unsought experiences of telepathy. Precognition or out of body experiences. Commonly reported are ghost experiences or encounters with deceased loved ones.

The powerfully transformative "Near Death Experience" usually produces psychic phenomena as an after effect. As do the rare close encounters with U.F.O. beings or with psycho active substances.  In these experiences people discover something new and fascinating about the mystery of the origin of their own being and this stimulates curiosity.

It becomes clear that there is much more to human potential than consensus reality will permit and that our own consciousness is much more flexible than we ever thought possible.

Many of these experiences are useful as a living demonstration of a future existence, or past one.

Positive benefits of developing psycho-spiritual skills include increased sensitivity to all people, animals, ecological concerns and becoming a prototypical future human. The global crisis, is after all a psychological problem of inappropriate behaviour.

On this path of self discovery, students may find that self responsibility, kindness, altruism and spirituality increase with accelerated evolution of consciousness toward a cosmic view of our place in the universe and our connectedness to all. Find answers to the Big questions: What is the nature of the universe? What is spirit? Why are we here? What happens when we die?

To move towards answers to these questions there is no other place to begin but to gain a phenomenological grounding in our explorations of our own experience.


Work in small groups and use only your mind to course a table to tilt or even levitate!


Photos: Table tilting by Meson Archives.

Metal Bending

Learn how to bend and twist metals and plastics using only your intention and your mind, great fun.


Mind to mind communication between two rooms.

Image: A.I.P.R. Bulletin 1989 Mitchell/Tilley


Hold an object in your hands and obtain information about the object or its owner through psychic ability.


Knowing the future, seeing and hearing the future, predicting stock market prices four days in advance. We teach groups how to do this and gain accurate information about some event that will happen hours or days in the future.


Seeing at a distance beyond visual range is seeing with your eyes closed, seeing with your mind.


Groups of people sitting in a circle in subdued light and in an altered state of consciousness. Students may experience temperature changes, electrostatic light phenomena, and even sense the presence of a non-physical being with an auditory or visual message.


A psychomanteum or apparition chamber is a quiet room hung with curtains, dimly lit and equipped with comfortable seating and a large mirror into which the viewers gaze, unable to see their own reflection.

After a few minutes to a half-hour in the psychomanteum, many people report that the mirror seems to transform into a window, swirling clouds appear in this window, and then intensely vivid visions are seen through the window. On occasion, visions from the "other side" of the window appear to extend into the psychomanteum itself. These latter, three-dimensional visions, sometimes taking the form of humanoid apparitions, are often described as "hyper-real", that is, as more intensely real than the reality experienced under ordinary consciousness. An especially interesting aspect of visions induced by mirror gazing is the autonomy of the image. That is, these visions appear to be so utterly separate from the viewer.

Some people report that these apparitions are accompanied by electrostatic sensations (prickling skin, hair standing up), changes in ambient temperature (typically to extreme cold), or illumination anomalies (sparkling lights, whole room diffused with bright light). The experience of seeing an apparition can also be accompanied by feelings of profound meaning, sometimes leading to significant transformations of personality. These dramatic effects are reminiscent of phenomena associated with peak experiences and mystical states.

Of those who reported full-blown, vivid, stable apparitions, many were deeply affected and were utterly convinced that the apparitions were genuine, independent spirits. These experiences are often beneficial in helping to resolve cases of chronic grief, and of course, from the therapeutic perspective it does not matter whether the apparitions are real or imaginary. (Based on statements by Dr Dean Radin).

Automatic Writing

Students will be able to try their “off hand” at automatic writing. (Good fun).

Meditation Techniques

Each week a different meditation technique will be taught to enable students to distinguish their own thoughts from incoming information. This enables a reduction in the ‘signal to noise’ problem and will, with practice, allow clearer processing of psychic information.

Psychic Healing

Students will experience hands on giving and receiving of channeled psychic healing energy.

Experiments with plants will be conducted psychically while stimulating the growth of one sample matched against a control sample.

Remote healing (i.e., distance healing) will be taught with feedback from those receiving the healing energy.

The Sense Of Being Stared At

Students will also be able to do the sense-of-being-started-at experiment . . . and, finally, a mind experiment of creating rainbow images in the night sky.

Duty of Care

Disturbing and unwanted psycho-spiritual experiences can result from premature and unskilled experimentation with altered state of consciousness or seeking out dissociative states of mind without supervision.

Conjuring psychic phenomena with insufficient preparation can unwittingly invite unwanted associations and frightening episodes that could lead to psychosis and other mental illness.

All supervision and teaching in this course will be conducted ethically and lawfully with a duty of care to always act in the best interest and well being of every individual.

Enquiries and Enrolment

Contact Robb Tilley on 02 9816 4279 for venue details; course fees and dates. This course will be held in Sydney only.