Psi and Mainstream Science: Evidence and Explanation [para-ac06]

AIPR Advanced Certificate in Parapsychology—Unit Outline

Psi and Mainstream Science: Evidence and Explanation [para-ac06]


  • the debate over the laboratory evidence for psi phenomena
  • the anomalous status of the phenomena held by mainstream science in contrast to the body of evidence that has accumulated over the last century
  • addressing the problems raised by anomalous phenomena in mainstream science
  • relevant issues in contemporary philosophy of science

Essay Topic

Will the evidence for psi ever be accepted by mainstream science?

NOTE: Essay must be no longer than 3000 words and formatted in APA-style. (APA stands for American Psychological Association. All the references given below are in APA-style. Please follow that style in your essays.)

For guidance on how to write an essay, see: Guide to Writing a Basic Essay

Required Reading

Alcock, J. E. (2003). Give the null hypothesis a chance: Reasons to remain doubtful about the existence of psi [PDF]. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 10(6-7), 29-50.

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Khlentzos, D., & Forrest, P. (2004). Philosophy and the paranormal [PDF]. University of New England Web site.

Optional Reading

Parker, A., & Brusewitz, G. (2003). A compendium of the evidence for psi [PDF]. European Journal of Parapsychology, 18, 33-52.

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