Parapsychology and Astrology [para-ac09]

AIPR Advanced Certificate in Parapsychology—Unit Outline

Parapsychology and Astrology [para-ac09]


  • psychological and parapsychological investigations into astrology

Essay Topic

Discuss the astrological research findings and their implications for science.

NOTE: Essay must be no longer than 3000 words and formatted in APA-style. (APA stands for American Psychological Association. All the references given below are in APA-style. Please follow that style in your essays.)

For guidance on how to write an essay, see: Guide to Writing a Basic Essay

Required Reading

Dean, G. (2002). Is the mars effect a social effect? A re-analysis of the Gauquelin data suggests that hitherto baffling planetary effects may be simple social effects in disguise [Word]. Skeptical Inquirer, 26(3), 33-38.

Ertel, S. (2003). The Mars effect cannot be pinned on cheating parents [Word]. Skeptical Inquirer, 27(1), 57-58.

Ertel, S. (2007). Hopeful findings, unduly neglected, on stars and human affairs [PDF]. Australian Journal of Parapsychology, 7, 52-71.

Optional Reading

Ertel, S. (1992). Update on the “Mars Effect” [PDF]. Skeptical Inquirer, 16, 150-160.

Ertel, S., & Irving, K. (2000). The Mars Effect is genuine: On Kurtz, Nienhuys, and Sandhu’s missing the evidence [PDF]. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 14(3), 421–430.

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