The Parapsychology of J. B. Rhine [para-c02]

AIPR Certificate in Parapsychology—Unit Outline

The Parapsychology of J. B. Rhine [para-c02]


  • J. B. Rhine’s experiments at Duke University
  • Later understanding about ESP and PK

Essay Topic

Compare Rhine’s approach to testing ESP or PK (or both) with more recent techniques.

NOTE: Essay must be no longer than 2000 words and formatted in APA-style. (APA stands for American Psychological Association. All the references given below are in APA-style. Please follow that style in your essays.)

For guidance on how to write an essay, see: Guide to Writing a Basic Essay

Required Reading

Rhine, J. B. (1937). The start of the Duke experiments. Retrieved April 8, 2017, from

Rhine, J. B. (1937). The first serious criticism (of the Duke Experiments). Retrieved April 8, 2017, from

Optional Reading

Alvarado, C. S. (2011). Prescribing for parapsychology: Note on J. B. Rhine’s writings in the Journal of Parapsychology [PDF]. Australian Journal of Parapsychology, 11, 89-99.

Rhine, J. B., Pratt, J. G., Stuart, C. E., Smith, B. M. & Greenwood, J. A. (1940). ESP is a psychological phenomenon. Retrieved April 8, 2017, from

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