Contemporary Paranormal Issues I (Open Unit) [para-c07]

AIPR Certificate in Parapsychology—Unit Outline

Contemporary Paranormal Issues I (Open Unit) [para-c07]


  • the scope of study is open—students must research a contemporary issue that has a parapsychological theme (see Essay Topic)

Essay Topic

Review and discuss a contemporary issue that indicates parapsychological or paranormal phenomenology.

NOTE: Essay must be no longer than 2000 words and formatted in APA-style. (APA stands for American Psychological Association. References listed in other units are in APA-style. Please follow that style in your essays.)

For guidance on how to write an essay, see: Guide to Writing a Basic Essay


Required Reading

Students find their own references. Criteria for essay writing still apply (see AIPR Parapsychology Courses).

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