The Nature, Incidence and Impact of Paranormal Experiences

Surveying the Paranormal – Back by Public Demand

Following the success of the original survey on spontaneous paranormal experiences, a recent Higher Degree graduate of Monash University in Australia has reopened the online survey. The current study will build on the 4,000 surveys already submitted.

The researcher behind the study, Ms Rosemary Breen, intends to leave the survey open for as long as the strong demand continues, with the aim of building the largest database of paranormal experiences ever assembled.

“Personal experiences of the paranormal are openly written about on the Web” said Rosemary Breen “and it’s important to harness these anecdotes and collate and analyse them in a meaningful way.

“The findings of my first study show that people are willing and keen to open up about their encounters within the psychic realms” explained Ms Breen. “Their sincerity shines through in their narratives and it is for this very reason that I am opening the survey again” she continued. “People actually contacted me after the first survey round had closed, asking to make a late contribution. They were very keen to tell their experiences and now, they are being given a second opportunity to do so.”

The original survey formed the basis of the Master of Education thesis entitled The Nature Incidence Impact and Integration of Parapsychological Experiences, which was completed by Ms Breen earlier this year. It is hoped that the current round of survey collection will reach an even wider population than the original, in which contributions were received from residents of nearly 60 countries including United States of America, Canada, Britain and Australia. “In the first survey, we even had residents of non-English speaking countries such as Russia, Ecuador and Puerto Rico participating” Ms Breen said.

While the majority of participants in the first survey were in the 18 to 54 years age range (for ethical reasons under 18s were asked not to complete the survey) there was also a strong representation of those in the Over 55s age group. “Given this is an internet-based study I was surprised at how many older people completed the first survey” Ms Breen observed. “This time around, I am opening the survey to the Under 18s as well, to let them have the opportunity to tell their experiences.”

“There is so much being reported on events in the psychic realms” Rosemary Breen said “and I know there are lots of people out there who will take this opportunity to not only add to the existing statistical database of knowledge, but to also document their own experiences without fear of judgement.”

The survey collects information on ten categories of paranormal experience, namely deja vu, apparitions, near-death episodes, out-of-body experiences, psychokinesis, premonitions, auras, mediumship, reincarnation, and telepathy. It takes only about 10 minutes to complete.

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