The Cardigan Fund

Cardigan Fund Aims

Research topics or events for which awards may be made (subject to availability of funds) are as follows:

(i)  Psi (i.e., paranormal phenomena). While most studies are primarily concerned with the individual from whom the anomalous manifestation(s) emanate, research into the psychological and other related characteristics of those who respond to and/or receive anomalous communications should also be considered as a topic for research and an award.

(ii)  Out of body and near death experiences.

(iii)  Parapsychology amongst Aborigines and Torres Straight Islanders. How this affects their desire and possibility to integrate as an element in modern society.

(iv)  Parapsychology amongst ethnic communities in Australia.

(v)  The role of psychic fairs, and clairvoyants in modern Australian society.

(vi)  Attendance at conferences, workshops and the like when one or more of the topics listed above are a major focus of such meetings. The meetings may be within Australia or overseas.

(vii)  Contributions may be made towards the organising and presentation of conferences, workshops and the like where one or more of the topics listed above are the major topic(s) to be discussed.