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Australian Journal of Parapsychology

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Guidelines for Journal Contributors

The Australian Journal of Parapsychology welcomes contributions on anomalous psychology, including extra-sensory perception (ESP), psychokinesis (PK), and life after death. Our basic aim is to present articles that are accessible to the intelligent layperson. We are open to new ideas and will consider all submissions. Note, however, that the Australian Journal of Parapsychology is not a ‘New Age’, religious, or political journal (this caveat applies to all AIPR publications). All submissions, other than book reviews and correspondence, are peer-reviewed. All submissions must demonstrate clarity of expression and originality, and any evidence of in-text plagiarism will result in immediate rejection.

To make the Editor’s task easier, it is requested that contributions be made in the same style and format as exemplified in previous issues of the Journal. In particular, please include an abstract and a reference section, and adhere to our citation and referencing style (i.e., APA style).

Manuscripts must be formatted as a Word document or similar (Microsoft or Macintosh compatible), and we ask that authors double-space all copy. As the Australian Journal of Parapsychology is peer-reviewed, authors must be prepared to address comments and make required changes to their manuscripts.

As a matter of courtesy, and for ethical and practical reasons, we follow the APA policy of advising authors that they do not submit the same manuscript to another journal for concurrent review.

When assessing submission quality, the editorial board and our peer-reviewers follow the guidelines on good publication practice as detailed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Authors may wish to register their proposed parapsychological experiments, even before they start gathering their data.

Submission of Articles, Permission to Print, and Copyright

Contributions can be sent as attachments to e-mail messages to Editor-in-Chief Dr. Lance Storm, or posted as hard-copy or disk to:

Dr. Lance Storm

School of Psychology

University of Adelaide

Adelaide SA 5005



Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, the author (or first author if the article is a co-authored submission) will be notified of an approximate publication date, whereupon it will be understood that permission to print is granted (unless the author and/or co-authors withdraw).

Upon publication, the AIPR, Inc., holds copyright on the article, and authors must secure approval from the editor before seeking to re-publish (in English or any language translation thereof), or re-print, in part or whole, in any form.

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Specialist Consultants


  • Dr. Laurence Browne: coincidences and synchronicity (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)
  • Dr. Callum Cooper: afterlife, altered states of consciousness, sense of presence experiences, sensory deprivation (Northampton, UK)
  • Dr. Alexander De Foe: social neuroscience and developmental neuroanthropology (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)
  • Dr. Vladimir Dubaj: survival of consciousness (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)
  • Dr. James Houran: anomalistics, clinical psychology (Austin, TX, USA)
  • Assoc. Prof. Harvey Irwin (retired): parapsychology, psychology (Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia)
  • Dr. Tony Jinks: perception, anomalous experiences (Sydney, NSW, Australia)
  • Professor Stanley Krippner: psychology, parapsychology (San Francisco, CA, USA)
  • Mr. Colin Mitchell: physics, philosophy (Melbourne/Adelaide, Australia)
  • Professor Vernon M. Neppe: neuropsychiatry, behavioural neurology, consciousness research, psychopharmacology, phenomenology, dimensional biopsychophysics (Seattle, WA, USA)
  • Dr. Lance Storm: parapsychology; psychology (Adelaide, SA, Australia)
  • Dr. Patrizio Tressoldi: phenomenology and physiology of intuition, nonlocal mind functions, augmented cognition, and quantum physics (Padova, Italia)